Efficiently Group and Manage Your Mac Contacts with ContactsMate

Your contacts should be your prized possession, but if you have hundreds of contacts, grouping and managing contacts can be a headache problem. Imagine that you search one contact, and the result shows two or more, you have to select them one by one before merging. And there may be lots of contacts with incomplete or blank names, you have to check and edit them one by one. How tedious it will be!

Fortunately, there are some third-party contacts manager software like Cisdem ContactsMate can help you efficiently manage your contacts and batch fix your questionable contacts on Mac. Cisdem ContactsMate is a great Mac contacts manage application. It can analyze, report, fix dozens of problems with OS X Contacts and export contacts to some formats for backup or sync. It also can make groups for contacts, and supports setting suffix or prefix manually. To see how powerful it is, just read on.

Collect All OS X Contacts in One Place

ContactsMate uses the OS X built-in Contacts database to automatically sync with Mac OS X Contacts supported services like iCloud and Google Contacts. You can add new contacts and edit the existing contacts in ContactsMate, and the contacts will be synced to OS X Contacts.

Group Your Contacts and Find Your Target Contacts Quickly

You can use ContactsMate to make and organize contacts groups respectively for your family, friends, colleagues, clients or work contacts, etc. The options are endless, making it much more efficient and easier to find your targeted one(s). And this contacts manager also allows you to quickly find your target contact(s) by entering contact name in the search box.

Flexibly Scan Contacts and Find Your Problematic Contacts

ContactsMate flexibly scans contacts with 14 conflicts, such as Duplicate names, Duplicate phone numbers in one contact, incomplete name, Invalid characters, Blank name, etc. By default, ContactsMate will scan all your problematic contacts. If you want to find contacts with duplicate information, you can choose the duplicate conflicts.

ContactsMate also allows users to add or delete available suffixes and prefixes to improve the accuracy of problematic contacts scanning. Besides this, suffixes and prefixes can be added in users’ own languages if they are from non-English speaking countries.

Sort and Batch Fix All Similar Problematic Contacts

After the problematic contacts are found out, contacts with similar problems are sorted into one group and ContactsMate gives possible solutions for users to fix or remove. You can fix all or perform bulk modifications on the similar questionable Contacts or ignore these problematic contacts at your pleasure.

Export All Contacts to 8 Output Formats for Backup or Sync

ContactsMate also allows you to export all contacts to CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers, and Pages format for easy Contacts backup or sync. And you can also export some selected contacts to your Mac.

Simple Interface and Easy to Use

As we can see from the above screen shots of ContactsMate, I can say that this contacts manager is very easy to use. You can get the whole picture of the selected contact details with all related information at first glance. Unlike Mac Address Book, ContactsMate allows you to quickly find your target button to proceed to the next operation. It's pretty easy to understand the menu and manage the contacts without confusion. You can try ContactsMate for free and this contact manage application is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

Download trial version of Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac>>

In conclusion, Cisdem ContactsMate is undoubtedly the most professional and powerful contacts manage application on our lineup. With this contact manager, you can create, search, group and manage your OS X contacts. Above all, say goodbye to all your duplicate contacts and other problematic contacts.

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