Most people think that by deleting a files from Recycle Bin (shift-delete) will removed it permanently but in fact files recovery is actually possible even if the data is deleted due to partition error with the aid of a data recovery software. With that today we are going to recommend one of the most trusted and most importantly, a free file recovery program namely MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition offer most of the feature which identical to its competitors which comprise of Damaged Partition Recovery, Undeelete Recovery , Digital Media Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, and lastly CD/DVD Recovery.

Undelete Recovery - Undelete files, Recover deleted files

Undelete Recovery module allows users to recover a deleted or lost files and from your local drive. It supports the recovery of FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS file systems. This function also allow the recovery of files from portable and plug-and-play drive such as external hard disk, flash drive, memory stick, memory card and etc.

Damaged Partition Recovery - Recover formatted hard drive, recover damaged partition

Damaged Partition Recovery is a powerful tool that help user to recover files from a damaged hard drive or even from a reformatted partition. The file recovery module not only supports MBR-style partition but it also supports Windows Dynamic disk volume.

Lost Partition Recovery - recover deleted partition, recover lost partition and recover crashed hard drive

Lost Partition Recovery module is designed to recover data from lost/deleted partitions which arguably known as the common reason as the cause of a lost files. The data recovery module could help user to recover their data when the hard drive encounter problem such as partition crash, MBR corrupted, disk re-partitioned (fdisk) and partition which overwritten when you perform by a reset to factory setting or recovery through a backup disk image.

Digital Media Recovery - memory card recovery, photo recovery and music recovery

Digital Media Recovery module is designed for data recovery of portable media devices such as flash drive, mp3 player, digital camera, memory stick, memory card, iPod.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery New Feature - Load Previous Recovery Scanning

You can now load files discovered from a previous scanning in any module or continue a paused scanning. This new feature really help to save user from the need to wait of a whole new scanning process just to recover one particular files.

For more information please proceed to the official home page and download the tools for free here.

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