Welcome to PC Software Zone, a fully independent and non-profitable site that was launched on the 13th of December, 2010.

PC Software Zone's goal is to offer the reader with tons of useful information, tips, and tutorial featuring but not limited to issues that are related to today's world of computing in the hope that it will be able to help boost the productivity of the people in their daily lives.

At the later stage, PC Software Zone takes a huge step forward by being involved in conducting reviews for various software developers on their products.  By organizing product giveaway to the reader, PC Software Zone able to keep its mission right on track, which is to offer free software to the people who couldn't afford it and the opportunity to acquire them legally. This is also consistent with the objective to help the developers to promote their works for free by having our own extensive review of their products featured on our site, hence making it a win-win situation for all parties. From time to time, PC Software Zone may organize various products to be given away and contest in co-operation with our partner for our site visitor. Please do follow us on Facebook for all the latest update on the giveaway, promotion and freebies in the future!

At times, PC Software Zone may share tips and guides on the "how-to" that may be related to issues on security's penetration (hacking). Please bear in mind that PC Software Zone is not a site which encourages such activities but the fact that in order for one to avoid being a possible victim themselves, it is essential to create awareness on how the penetration (hacking) process actually works for an effective prevention. To be precise, our task is to unveil the mask behind the scene of hacking, which hopefully in turn will be able to help the reader to take every pre-caution available to avoid being targeted by the so-called cyber-criminal that lurks around the net.

The information provided by us is based solely on our experience and thought by the writter itself, and therefore, it may not be applicable or true for everyone as people tend to have different opinion and perception on certain matters.

The content provided and found on the site is strictly for the educational purpose only. We are no way to be held liable in any means for any damage or harm inflicted that may be caused, directly or not, by the misuse of the information provided by PC Software Zone. Please use the content on our site wisely and not to misuse/exploit it. Furthermore, you are reminded that any attempt of unauthorized access by penetration (hacking) of system/devices which you do not own is illegal and forbidden by law.

If you were to have any other unresolved doubt on our site policy or the term of use of PC Software Zone, please do not hesitate to contact and leave us your message by heading over to our site contact page. We are always open to any suggestion, feedback, advice, critics and et cetera that may help us to improve on every perspective. Simply shoot us your message (please do not spam), and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Last but not least, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our faithful and loyal follower out there who had been constantly cheering and showing their undying support for us in the past few years! Thank once again!

Thous shall be blessed!

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