Do You Have Backup Copy of Your Website?

Here comes a new giveaway. Only few people today take a website as just a hobby. The irretrievable loss of the latest version of files and databases can be just a pity, but in most cases it can be a tragedy, like a loss of source of income. So make your website safe from being crached. The BackupSF software is aimed to help webmasters to protect their websites. Don’t be afraid  that important data will not be lost. BackupSF will independently and regularly backup files of your site and database on your local computer. You’ll just need to enter username and password, database name data, user and password and the address of the database server and set a regularity of backup.

The following are few of the key features of this application:

- Regular MySql databasebackup from the DB server to your local computer
- Regular file backup via FTP from the server to your local computer
- Ubounded number of websites in the Unlimited version
- Easy and clear interface. Simple step-by-step wizard with instructions

Why BackupSF?

-Backing up both site files via FTP and its MySql database

Everything you need to back up your site. The MySql database is backed up with the help of scripts uploaded to your server. It is necessary because it is impossible to remotely connect to the database in most cases.

-Easily restoring data from the backup copy

You can upload the files back to the server via FTP using any FTP client and restore the database by means of import in PhpMyAdmin

-Back up data from your hard drive to the cloud!

To make it as safe as possible, you can create an account at Dropbox, SugarSync or a similar service and specify the synchronization folder as the backup storage in BackupSF. This way, as soon as BackupSF creates a backup copy, it will be uploaded to the cloud. This approach makes your data truly immortal.

The Giveaway

We are proud to announce that for a limited time period all of our site visitor are being offered a free copy of BackupSF Light which would normally cost $25.50 each! Special thank to Mrs.Liliya of BackupSF for offering free license to our reader!

Get your activation code here. Please do take some time and read the term of license.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity again to thank BackupSF for making this giveaway possible!

*Side note: I apologize for being inactive for quite some time due to being busy with my training and stuff. However, I will be back active posting again after my training is over which at the end of this October. Also, I would  like to thank all of you for all the support and care that are being shown during these time. See you guy around again soon.

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