Since I am an amateur in design, it takes a little time to look at it and it will take a little time, and the quality is also inferior. However, creating a free logo with the WEB service "DesignEvo" is amazing.

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker with more than 3000 templates, anyone can easily create attractive and unique logos. That is to say you can make a logo by choosing from more than 3000 templates. You can choose a template freely by searching with a character string.

I like dog, so I tried searching with "dog".

Wow, dog logo. It is nice to have a variety of kinds.

First choose a template. I scrolled through the preset templates and choose a template. Apparently it seems to be able to attach something like the main logo and subtitle then. You can simply choose to skip this. Here you can arrange icons, increase the elements of the logo with copy, add text, etc. Many things can be done. Everything looks good, press download button ...

DesignEvo offers abundant templates and it’s easy for everyone. It seems to be very good for making many types of logos. I think that I will continue using it in the future. Easy logo at https://www.designevo.com/.

* Article courtesy of Candy Zhao of Designevo.

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