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Do you, occasionally, feel the need of watching your 3D Blu-ray movies on your PC with 3D media player, or on your 3D capable mobile devices, like smart phones? Today, as a Blu-ray veteran who has entered the 3D camp for at least three years, I would like to introduce a 3D Blu-ray converter software, which does the job of converting 3D Blu-ray discs to a couple of 3D video files playable on corresponding platforms.

DVDFab Blu-ray 3D Ripper is the first one doing this job. It is quick and efficient, plus the outstanding output quality, it soon becomes the sought-after app in the 3D Blu-ray community.

Features at a glance

-Convert to leading video format

This 3D Blu-ray converter software supports to convert original 3D Blu-ray movies to multiple video formats, there must be one meets your requirements. To MKV, to AVI, to MP4, to WMV, to M2TS, to TS, up to six kind of video files, covers nearly all the leading containers that are used for 3D packing.

-Convert for many 3D devices

If users are not aware of which video format their 3D devices are capable of playing, there is also one specific ripping mode called “3D Device”, under which, a large group of profiles pre-written for many 3D devices are enlisted. For example, 3D TV, HTC EVO smart phone, LG P920 Optimus 3D smart phone, Sharp SH10C smart phone etc. You just need to find the correct one and hit the start button to do the right job.

-Four 3D formats available

As the first-rated Blu-ray 3D Ripper software, it supports up to 4 3D output formats: 1) anaglyph, with 14 modes like Red/cyan, Green/magenta, Amber/blue, Red/green, and Red/blue (monochrome / half color / full color / high quality Dubois; 2) split screen with top&bottom type and left&right type; 3) two separate video files and 4), two video streams in one file. Aside from these, in the spilt screen mode, the video size can also be re-defined to cater different needs, you can choose retain the 100% image display, or half the original size. Choices are flexible.

-Free settings concerning the conversion

Users can feel free to set the converting parameters at the conversion settings page and video effect settings page respectively. Such as the bit rate, frame resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate for video, and bit rate, channel and volume for audio.

-Feel ease about the converting speed

As far as the speed is concerned, DVDFab Blu-ray 3D Ripper does a very good job, because it introduces not only the multi-core CPUs processing, the latest nVIDIA CUDA hardware acceleration and Intel Quick Sync technology, but also the batch conversion solution. That’s to say, users can simultaneously convert more than one titles at a time. All of these significantly enhance the working efficiency.

-30-day free trial and very customer oriented pricing

This fabulous 3D Blu-ray converter offers 30 days free evaluation for everyone to check out its functionality and performance, before throw any investment on it. This software is a shareware, and is annual subscription based, if you do feel good at it, and want to purchase the full version, it is now sells at $ 50 only for one year, and $ 75.6 for lifetime.


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