EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a decent recovery program which help user to recover their lost data easily, even in the worst case scenario. This powerful program come equipped with three notable modes ranging from file to partition recovery - all easily accessible thanks to its user-friendly interface. EaseUS Data Recovery also able to recover files from various devices such as USB drive, memory card, and mobile phone and all that can be done in just a few simple clicks!

Main Feature

- Recover lost or deleted files and data
- Recover formatted drive- Recover lost partition
- Support tons of devices such as memory card and floppy disk
- User-friendly interface and suitable for all, even the inexperienced user
- Simple 3 step recovery process
- Reliable and safe to use

Main Interface

Upon first start-up user will be presented with the program main interface as shown in the image above. The simple and straight to the point design help user to navigate and explore the program easily. Note that there is a total of three modes available for user to choose from with detailed description just beneath the icons.

After selected your desired mode of recovery, user will then be able to filter the type of file to scan which by doing so will helps to decrease the time taken for the recovery process. User may also skip this step by clicking on next as by default it will choose to scan all type of files.

Last step is to choose a partition from your drive or you can also choose from your plugged-in external devices to start scanning for your lost files. The scanning time varies from a couple of second to hour depending on factors such as the conditions of your devices and type of recovery (a  Complete Recovery may take longer time compare to Deleted File Recovery) .

Final Verdict

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a great program for recovering the file which you accidentally removed from system. The program even capable of retrieving files from a formatted device which is really helpful if you had upgraded your Operating System and wiped all your previous data from drive.

Data Recovery Wizard had received a very positive rating from user for its reliability and effectiveness. The free version comes with limitation which only allows recovery of data up to 2 GB. You may want to upgrade to Pro version to remove this limitation but it is definitely worth the money spend.
You can compare the different edition here.


* EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard also available for Mac OS user. Please visit the page here.

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