PDF is a widely used info sharing format for us to easily share info or document online with friends or coworkers. The most concerned issue for PDF sharing probably is the security of the PDF files. When it comes to the secure of PDF, the password is the foundation of PDF protection. But most of the time, you have to rely on a PDF software to prevent others from viewing your PDF. Here is a free online solution to password protect your PDF —— PDF Protect Free.

What is PDF Protect Free?

PDF Protect Free is an online PDF encryptor for locking your PDF online in a matter of seconds. Whether you have PDF software or not, this online tool enables you to lock up to 5 PDF files in seconds.Furthermore, as a part of all-in-one online PDF manager PDF Convert Free, you can also achieve a multiple of other features, including convert PDF files to and from word, image, TXT or Latex, turn word, image, TXT or Latex to PDF, as well as merge, split, rotate, compress, protect and grayscale your PDF files online.

Other Key Features of PDF Convert Free

Apart from locking your PDF online, this comprehensive PDF management tool also enables you to:

- Merge PDF file.·         
- Split PDF file. ·         
- Convert PDF to images (JPG, PNG, BMP or Tiff).·         
- Convert PDF to Word. ·         
- Convert PDF to Excel/ PPTX/ TXT/ EPUB/ SVG. ·         
- Convert Word/Image/TXT/Latex to PDF. ·         
- Rotate PDF. ·         
- Compress PDF. ·         
- Convert PDF to Grayscale. 

How to lock your PDF with PDF Protect Free?

Protecting your PDF online is super simple and easy with PDF Protect Free. Just follow these simple steps:

1.    Open your web and visit pdfprotectfree.com to start your PDF locking process.
2.    Drag and drop your PDF files onto the main panel. Here you’re allowed to upload up to 5 PDF files once at a time. 3.    Enter the desired password in the Password box. This site applies for AES-256 technology to lock your PDF files online.
4.    After that, hit the "Upload and Encrypt" button to start uploading your PDF files and encrypt them automatically.
5.    Finally, after a few of seconds and you will get a download link. Hit it and download the PDF files in a zip file from our server.

The Bottom Line

To completely lock down and protect your PDF, adding a user password would be one of the easiest option. PDF Convert Free gives you a super easy way to lock and encrypt PDF with no support of professional PDF software. No need to turn to expensive PDF program or register online, you can easily encrypt your PDF online here and share the safe PDFs with your friends and colleagues.

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