Have you ever lost important files in Windows 10 without knowing the what reason? You may have started your computer and opened a hard disk or a folder on it so that you can view the files at any time, but find that they have disappeared.

The more important thing is how to fix the problem?  how to recover missing files on Windows 10?  This guide explains when you can get that file back and how to go about it.

At first, this things to do before the recovery:

1.     Check your recycle bin whether the missing files are put here. If they're kept in here, they're not really deleted and no file recovery tool can help on this occasion.

2.     Please click on files and choose "Restore" to put them back to original place.

Or, If you don’t find the missing file at the Recycle Bin. You should try to using data recovery software of MiniTool power data recovery 8.0. it’s  free and read-only data recovery software can help to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from hard drive, SSD, USB, memory card, and other storage devices easily and quickly. 

We'll take recovering deleted files in Windows 10 as an example in the following steps.

Step1: Download MiniTool power data recovery 8.0 free edition and launch it.

Then,  you are required to choose a recovery module.

Tip: Before clicking the Scan button, you are able to choose to only recover certain file types on some partitions with certain file systems. Just open Settings window and make some advanced settings for the scan.

Step 2: Now this freeware is scanning the selected partition having data loss after a computer random restart.

Step 3: See the following figure! MiniTool Power Data Recovery lists all its found files and you can search for the files missing after restart by unfolding each folder in Path section or using the Type option

In addition, the Find and Filter options are also helpful for you to quickly find the files deleted after restart.

Step 4. Save Files. Choose the all needed files and then click Save button to store them on a safe place.

This is the introduction to the process of how to find a disappeared file after accidental deletion. If you're still curious about how to get back files missing after Windows 10 update or how to recover files that have disappeared due to other reasons, you can keep reading some other methods.

1.User Account Is Changed

which files and folders are disappeared after you upgraded your OS to Windows 10 – during the upgrading process, Win10 may create a new account for you and it will be set as the default one. Of course, your old account still remains, but you are not logging in with it after the upgrade. So you need to switch to your old account to access the missing files and folders.

Click on the Start Button in the lower left corner of the screen -> click your username at the top of the window -> choose "Sign out" from the drop-down list -> you'll be driven to the login screen, here, you should click to the different user account you want to switch to.

2. Drive Index Is Corrupted

There are also cases when files and folders are missing because the drive index has been corrupted. In this way, those files become invisible to you. In order to see them again, you should check your disk.  

Open "This PC" -> locate the correct drive here -> right-click on the drive -> choose "Properties" from the pop-up menu -> navigate to the "Tools" tab -> click on "Check" button.

My advice is taking measures as soon as you discover the problem. And we hope you all find your missing files. If you still not found, there more ways to recover files and folders are disappeared on windows 10.  

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