Nowadays, online real-time strategy games have become more and more popular around the world as they are always stuffed with intense and thrilling pace. But for iOS users who want to enjoy the adventurous RTS game on iPhone, iPad or the iPod, there may be not as much as those on PC and game console. To fulfill the needs of online strategic game addicts, Space Settler stands out from the crowd and comes as the first online iPhone iPad game based on a multiplayer real-time strategy with awesome gameplay and gorgeous visuals.

Introduction Video

The online iPhone iPad game boasts a gripping storyline that is rooted in the contribution of Scientist Hawking who proved God Particle captured can be dated back to 13 billion years and predicted dark energy, named as "Dark Energy Crystal", was the most powerful energy source in the universe. Space Settlers therefore offer Terra as the place for the first settlers to open up the technological remains left by the ancient people.

Apart from soul-stirring gameplay, gorgeous visuals and godlike music also lay a solid foundation for the popularity of this online real-time strategy (RTS) game. If you've got an iPhone or iPad, this online multiplayer game will surely give you complete access to the cutting-edge visuals, sound and AAA strategy game for free. 

As a Sci-Fi game based on real-time strategy, Space Settlers makes iOS-based gadget more entertaining. If you’re eager for enriching online RTS game entertainments, never waste such a golden chance and get Space Settlers for free on iTunes store on the link below.

Review are done with courtesy and permission of Emily@iPhone. For more detailed information regarding the game, please visit the homepage here.


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