This is an Age of Cloud. Nowadays an increasing number of people choose to save personal stuff on cloud drives such as Google Drive, SkyDrive or Dropbox. Cloud drive is safer and more reliable than a physical hard drive. It can also save more space for us to use our local hard drive efficiently. However, to manage multiple cloud drives is something else. That could be something really troublesome and inconvenient due to the repetitive logins and switching between different accounts. Today, we’d like to introduce you a free online app namely MultCloud which powered by one of our partner AOMEI Tech. As the name itself suggests, this app is an ideal solution for managing multiple cloud drives.

Main Features

- Combine multiple cloud drives

MultCloud had been well approved by many cloud drive service providers itself such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox and SugarSync. Now the users can add their accounts on these service providers into one single account on MultCloud. There’s no need to login or sign out each when switching between different cloud accounts.

- Move files seamlessly

To transfer files between different cloud drives, we need to download it first then upload to the destination cloud drive. With the help of MultCloud, moving files from one cloud drive to another is as easy as copy/paste files from one drive to another in Windows.

- Share Files

We can share files on MultCloud directly to SNS. Or we can share the files with friends by sending them emails. They will get a link in the email to download the shared files from MultCloud.

- Preview Files       

MultCloud allows the users to preview files (formats: jpg, png, pdf, xls, doc) online. This could be very helpful for the users to identify their files easily.

- Search Files

Any keywords let MultCloud filter and find the related files instantly among all the accounts. This advanced function really makes multiple cloud drives become a whole larger one. No more troubling in searching files in multiple cloud drives.

Final Verdict

MultCloud is strongly recommended to those who have multiple cloud drives and want to find a simple solution at the lowest price. The application itself is rather new in the market and if you ever encounter any bug and error within the app, kindly contact the developer to help them improve further.

MultCloud Homepage

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