Multi-hosting downloader is a service which helps user to download files from multiple file hosting sites (such as Uploaded, Filefactory, and etc) instantly, with no download limit or whatsoever, where usually such benefits only entitled to the subscribed user (a.k.a Premium user) of that particular file hosting site.

Zevera, operating ever since they were first launched back in the year of 2009, is an established multi-hosting downloader that had serve their client for more than 5 years and counting. With Zevera and its powerful downloader application (known as JetDownloader), user are a few clicks away to grab their favorite TV show and song available online.

Zevera is working hard to improve their service over the year and currently they are now support more than 110 file hosting site in comparison to only about 20 during their first few years in operation which is impressive to say the least. This is due to the high demand of their user who requested them to support more new popular service that had entered the file hosting market such as UptoBox.


Zevera offer a very flexible and competitive package to suit their different user who has different needs and demand. Heavy downloader may opt to go for a monthly account as it has no traffic limitation – meaning that you may go download spree and download as much as you want! Zevera is also one of the very few such service that offer a lifetime package at an incredible value for money rate.

User who does not download as much may choose to subscribe to its no expiry package where the only different is that user can download at any time given at a fixed allocated bandwidth ranging from 50 GB to 5,000 GB. Note that this allocated quota will never expire so you will not have to worry the need to renew your account every month. If you do run outs of traffic, simple top up for more!

How to Download?

I will be demonstrating how to use Zevera without its application with the traditional web browser method. First of all, you will need to login to your account and navigate to the Premium Zone tab on the left.

Once you were at your dashboard, you can directly download your file or choose to convert your file links to Zevera links so that you will need not to login to your account again the next time you wanted to download that specific file.

DIRECT DOWNLOAD - Paste your link and click on the download button. Your download will start immediately.

CONVERT - Paste your file link and click on generate to create an unique link for your file so that you can have instant access to the file without having to login each time. You can also convert your file in batch. There even a link converter application by Zevera created just for this purpose.

HISTORY - Click on My File tab to view your download history and file name. You can choose to remove it from here.

CHECK STATUS - User may check the current supported hoster if it was in good condition and working or not.

P/S: For information and detail on how to use or downlaod with Zevera's JetDownloader, kindly visit the page here.

Features and Highlights

- Web Proxy
On top of that, one of the main highlights of Zevera is that it has site proxy for anonymous surfing. It is a great tool for user who concern about their privacy online beside for browsing any website that is blocked by your ISP or government.

- Browser Plugin
Zevera also comes with its own browser plugin for easier downloading. Currently it only support Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

- Mobile Support
Use Zevera anywhere, anytime even on the move! Download the application available for both iOS and Android users.-

- Friendly Support
You may access Zevera forum for discussion and also all news on all the latest bug and fixes, discover problem and solution, promotion, FAQ and so on.

Final Verdict?

We highly recommend Zevera for user who tends to download file online as it is definitely value for money given it good support and service offered. User who have extra buck to invest on should really consider the lifetime account as it was only a onetime payment and you can then enjoy it indefinitely. Ask yourself this question: why not as for the same price you get 110 Premium account instead of just 1 Premium account for that specific file hosting site only? During our evaluation of the service we really satisfy with its download speed and stability as it barely create any issue for us during the whole testing process as problem such as file hoster is down and unavailable is almost non-existence.

Interested user may visit Zevera Home Page and start your downloading frenzy today!

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