eMagMaker PDF Editor is a software which allow user to edit the content of PDF easily by adding images, hyperlink text, highlighting important part and so on easily to create an attractive and brand new presentation ebook. eMagMaker PDF Editor also able to convert a plain PDF into an amazing and interactive flip book in just a few simple steps. With this tool user will be able to save up a lot of time spend on designing a beautiful PDF which will make them to become more productive!


-Edit any PDF easily

With eMagMaker PDF Editor, you can edit almost every element of a PDF page. Thank to the powerful editing tool that it provides, designing a attractive PDF presentation has never been make easier. You can draw line, arrow circle, or highlight the spot to draw the readers attention, adding informative description, text introduction into PDF pages and much more!

-Insert hyperlink and redirect reader webpages

Do you want to add your webpage link into your PDF report pages or want to add ads without annoying you readers? With eMagMaker PDF Editor, redirecting your report or presentation to your desired webpage will not be a problem at all!

-Modify PDF content or layout easily

eMagMaker PDF Editor is easy-to-operate software, you could easily modify PDF content and layout within five minutes. With just a few clicks and simple drags, you could change book text, fix error, add new content, highlight important part, draw simple shapes to make PDF interesting and attractive! All these edit work can be carried out easily even if you are a novice and had no experience at all to completing the task.

-Customize PDF files in minutes

eMagMaker PDF Editor is specially designed for editing PDF files instantly. You can now edit PDF documents easily by inserting beautiful picture, words description, lines, and highlight with the aid of this program. User can preview the final output before deciding to make any changes and reproduce the final PDF with just a simple click of a button!

-Simple and user-friendly interface

The software contains four mainly interfaces, the home menu, the edit menu, the thumbnail panel, and preview window: The graphic interface is specially designed as we want to make it as simple as possible for easy navigation. If you are not sure what is happening do not fret as a comprehensive guide is available via the "Help" button on the main menu.

-Lifetime Upgrade and support

Registered user can enjoy free upgrade to all future version absolutely for free with no recurring or hidden fees to be charged. User can download the latest version from the product page easily at any given moment. User are free to use the program without any limitation!

Summary of features:

-Easy import, and edit pages with many kinds of edit tools
-Add hyperlink on pages, lead reader to appointed webpages
-Design pages with editing page content
-Embed images into pages, and draw paintings, lines, arrows, etc
-Paste, copy, cut and delete design item,link


You can preview a live demo of the flip book produced on the page here.


Courtesy of Lailie from eMagMaker, we are able to offer an unlimited license for eMagMaker PDF Editor to our site reader which worth $79 each! Interested reader will only need to leave a comment on the page below in the next 24 hour before the giveaway ends. User can download the trial version of the program from the link provided below


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As what being told by Lailie, the user of this giveaway will be able to enjoy free upgrade to all future version of the product beside also offered free customer support by eMagMaker. No limitation or restriction will be imposed on the giveaway user.

We would like to sincerely thank eMagMaker for sponsoring and making the giveaway possible.

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