As what had been noted earlier via our Facebook fan page, we had been for the past few weeks spending much of our time in the effort to migrate our site to a brand new home. We had taken this measure due to a certain reason, the first and most notably is the suspension of our Ad-Sense account by Google. We had been contacting Ad-Sense support for some time now and unfortunately the reason for that is we had violate the term and policy of Ad-Sense. We would like to ask for a more detail and exact reason of the suspension though but our effort seems to bear no fruits. Another reason is that Blogger these days keep on sending notification about content take down which they claim are "copyrighted" and we are infringing the right of those copy-holders.

After taken all factor into considerations, we finally take this decision to move on to a new hosting and hopefully this could prove as a step moved forward for us. We are still in the early stage and trying to adapt with it especially the new blogging system which I would say is a bit difficult and unfamiliar to us.

Having say that, hopefully that after being three month of inactivities on the site due to us being busy with our own life (as for me I am busy doing my training programme) we are not beeing forgotten already. Anyway, we will try our best to make up the lost time and being active once again!

To end my word here, I would like to greet our follower a warm welcome back and also for those who are new to PC Software Zone, we hope that you will be enjoying your stay here. Stay tuned for more upcoming giveaway, reviews and also we will be sharing more useful tips and trick in the coming week! Last but not least, thank for being part of our small but constantly growing community here.

With best regard,


PC Software Zone

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