A Complete Review of FoneCope iPhone Data Recovery

In this fast-paced information age, losing data is more frustrating than burning a pan. After using it for a while, the iPhone has saved a lot of data important to us, family travel photos, videos of friends celebrating birthdays, sweet information of lovers, and so on.

Once they are lost for various reasons, this will be a heartbreaking blow. Fortunately, if you use FoneCope iPhone Data Recovery in time, you will be able to recover them.

Why Do You Need this iPhone Data Recovery Software?

There are many reasons for data loss. FoneCope iPhone Data Recovery is a data recovery software that requires powerful data recovery. It can captures lost data in a variety of situation. The following are six common data loss scenarios:  

1. Unexpectedly deleted iPhone data
2. iPhone screen broken
3. iOS device water damage
4. iOS version upgrade
5. Virus attacks
6. Factory reset

In addition to the iPhone, it can also recover iPad and iPod data. Usually, users who use iOS devices will also use the Mac, so it provides the download version of the Mac. Then, who owns the iPhone but uses Windows? Don't worry, it also provides a downloadable version of Windows.

Simple UI and UX That FoneCope iPhone Data Recovery Brings

It provides trial version that you can download to see if you can recover data from the device before considering the purchase. I downloaded the trial version, here is my summary of the appearance of it:

1. Installation: FoneCope iPhone Data Recovery installation package does not take up too much space on the computer, and it is easy to install.

2. Run: After the installation is complete, click Start, it responds quickly, and there are no additional downloads

3. Interface: The interface after startup is the main interface for data recovery, and the blue and white color scheme is very simple. The layout of the function is also concise and clear, divided into two parts: the side panel and the command window. In the side panel is all its features.

After understanding its appearance, let's continue to understand its capabilities. Learn what it's based on which great features get the praise of most users.

Features of FoneCope iPhone Data Recovery

As a iPhone data recovery software, it is necessary to provide multiple data recovery modes, taking into account the various situations of data loss and the different needs of users to recover data.

FoneCope iPhone Data Recovery offers four different data recovery modes that offer higher possibilities for data recovery, as follows:

Smart Recovery: When you don't know which recovery mode to choose, it is the answer.
Recover from iOS Device: When you don't have a backup, data can be recovered by scanning the device.
Recover from iTunes Backup: When you have iTunes backup, you can extract and recover data from iTunes backup. Recover from iCloud Backup: When you have iCloud backup, it can be obtained from the cloud and selectively restored.

Before restoring data, you can:

Preview file: Preview the contents of the recoverable file before restoring the data. For example, lost pictures, videos, notes.

Selective recovery:Based on the preview feature, it also supports selective recovery of data.

Similar iPhone Data Recovery products rarely do both, which is one of the reasons why it is better. This means that the user does not need to restore the entire backup to the device, nor does it cause the data that is not backed up to be overwritten.

About Recovering Data, All You Need to Do Is

Relax, things are not as hard as you think. After reading it, you will learn how friendly and easy it is to use. With just six steps, you can recover lost data. Do this as follows:

1. Download FoneCope iPhone Data Recovery.
2. Launch it and connect your Apple device to your computer.
3. Select recovery mode.
4. Select the type of data you want to recover.
5. Select the data you want to recover. 6. Restore them.

Congratulations, you are done. Is not it simple? No need to have any technical knowledge, anyone can do it.


In the above, I introduced the common situation of using FoneCope iPhone Data Recovery, its simple UI and UX, its recovery mode and highlighting features, and user's guidance. This shows that it is an efficient functional program. Users do not need to have technical knowledge to easily recover lost/deleted data on the iPhone.

Now, do you have a better understanding of it? If you need to recover data, first download the trial version to scan your device, and you can see if the deleted data is in the list that can be recovered.

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