Handy Backup™ Home Standard is a backup software designed to help users to back up their files easily thanks to the simplicity of the program beside its straight forward and easy to master interface even if you are a newbie. Handy Backup Home Standard come bundled up with ample of rich feature that allow full customization based on user preferences which making it as one of the most preferred choice for backup solution.




After installtion on the first program launch, a pop up will appear where user will need to define the location of the backup files to be stored from a wide range of choice.

User may opt to save it to the local drive or to another storage device which includes online storage through ftp, Amazon  and so on. For new user, we would recommend to save it to the local disk as for now.


The backup process are easy and simple which can be done in just a few minutes. First, select new task from the toolbar and a task wizard will pop up where user will need to choose the preferred task whether to start a new backup, restore a previous backup or to sync a backup with the current state

Next, simply add files and folders that you wish to backup whether from local disk, ftp, outlook file, Amazon and much more to choose from. Note that you will required to configure your credential of other web account such as Amazon for the first backup.


User will then are required to select the backup location to be saved to. Default destination will be on user document folder which will be named as "Backups".

User will then be asked to choose from three different backup setting:-

*Full backup – the program copies all selected data to the destination folder each time the backup task is executed

*Incremental backup – the program checks for changes in file sizes or modification times since the previous backup, and copies only those files that have been altered. Advantages of this backup type are quite obvious: fewer amounts of data to operate with and noticeably less time to perform the operation.

*Differential backup – the program checks for changes in file sizes or modification times since the Full backup, and copies only parts of files that have been altered, on byte level. This is greatly useful for backing up databases and disk images.

It is optional but user are able to compress the backup data to save disk space besides encrypt the output with a password as an extra layer of protection for security purpose.

This step is crucial for those who wanted to constantly have the backed up file updated after every changes made. We will able to schedule the automated update to process the data at any given time.

Lastly, user can choose to allow the system to sent an notification through email after a certain task or changes is done. This is very useful for those who are not able to monitor the changes or for those who work remotely on different computer.

Our Verdict

Handy Backup are a complete backup solution and are highly recommended for home and office user who wanted to backup their document and files easily. Beside having a clean and user friendly inteface, the program also comes with an comprehensive offline help file to guide user who are having difficulties on the program feature instantly without having to go online to search for helps. User will only required to have to go through a one time configuration on settings and right after all the task will be handle by the program itself from a given schedule.

Interested user may download the 30-day trail with no usage limitation from the link provided below for evaluation



-Easy to use
-Support ftp, Amazon and many other
-Extremely light and consume only very little resources
-Ability to sent notification through email
-Tons of free and advance plugin available to choose from
-Backup to various device and tool such as external drive, burn to DVD and so on
-Able to encrypt file backup file


-Does not support drag and drop file
-For new user might take some time to master the feature offered to fully benefit it

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