You might possibly face the potential risk of being ripped off and used without your agreement when you are sharing your photos on the web. Add watermark as being the mark of your own images to keep them from illegal using or dissemination without authorization maybe your very best choice.

Watermark Software provides you with secure protection of text watermark and image watermark in a top speed with virtually no quality loss. And you are forwarded to a user-friendly interface, that is, even a novice can easily add watermarks with just a few clicks by the best watermark creator.

Main Features

Except watermark photos, you can use it to be a batch photo editor. Photo frame, cover, crop resize and rename effortlessly.

Customizable Watermarks

- Text Watermark
Simply keystrokes to generate text watermarks that support rich fonts, symbols, shadow and effects. Then Watermark Software will place into photo as watermarks automatically.

- Image Watermark
Embed a unique symbolized image to protect your photos' copyright, which can be definitely an essential measure for your creative works. Watermark Software enables you to add any image file as a watermark, such as the business logo, personal avatar and etc.

- Combined Watermark
Far more than only adding watermark, you can add several text/image watermarks to combine and arrange as you will, making your photo meet your wants.  Furthermore, multiple-layer mode can be acquired for your customized watermark.

Amazing Batch Process Speed - Faster Than Ever
Still waste a full day to add watermark to batches of photos? Get free again with Watermark Software!

- High Efficiency - Batch Watermark / Batch Resize / Batch Rename / Batch Editing and more

- Top speed - Watermark all of your travel, party photos in a single operation, batch watermark over 300 photos within 1 minute

- Smart fit - Intelligently adjust watermark's size/place to fit different size/format pictures

Make QR Code as Watermark

A QR code is a square black pattern similar to a Barcode made up of encoded information and could be scanned to read that information. Watermark Software enables you put QR code as watermark on you photo to point out more extended information.

Watermark tiling for strong protection

For some special purposes, you need to protect your shared photos to avoid copy and unauthorized using. However, we can't prevent from the reproduction and dissemination on the internet. Tiled watermark provides the strong protection for your photo display.

EXIF - The Invisible Watermark

As we all know, most digital photos contain the detailed data, such as title, description, shooting time, camera model, DPI, software version, file source, etc. This is EXIF - the invisible digital copyright. Watermark Software allows you add/change the EXIF information, embed the invisible data watermark into your photo. The EXIF editing also supports batch mode.

Create Customized Templates for Fast Watermarking

We are tired of doing the same thing repeatedly! Your own custom watermark style can be saved as template in your computer, just load the template to restore your watermark project. No need to waste your precious time to do it again.

Automatically Upload After Processing

Exclusive Feature - Upload each of processed images to your web server automatically via FTP. 

Simplify your work - If you need to add watermark to 500 photos for your website/blog/online storage, just run Watermark Software and then take a cup of coffee, everything will be done when you get back.

Ways to get Photo Watermark Software Free

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1. Download Photo Watermark

2. Install the software and launch it.

3. Register this software using the license code below:


More details about Watermark Software please visit product page here.

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