Are you looking for an easy fix and solution to your problematic Microsoft Outlook client? Ever encounter problems with Outlook such as PST file not readable thus forcing all your work being put to halt and causing you not able to submit your assigned job on time? Look no further as Stellar PhoenixOutlook PST Repair comes to your rescue! A company specialized in developing software for data recovery and protection, Stellar offer tons of product that help us to backup, repair and recover Outlook PST files.


Stellar PhoenixOutlook PST Repair key features includes the capability to repair corrupted PST files besides also able to recover other component of Outlook such as contact, calendar entries, journal and so on.


The installation is fast and easy, and the software itself comes with a neat and user-friendly interface which allow user to navigate the program conveniently. The main GUI is almost as identical to the Microsoft Outlook itself, most notably the panel located on the left which are being categorized systematically in tab.

Program Main Interface

Upon the launch of the program, a pop up task box will appear for an instance access to the program. Advanced users are able to select the specific corrupted PST file for a fast repair or if you are not sure enough user can always opt for an automated scan from drive.

Task Box

Advance Scan

Once the scanning were completed, a list of recoverable object will be displayed by the program which user can then select and preview it for more information. User will then be able to recover or repair the selected objects in just a few simple steps of clicks. The PST that is successfully recovered can then be imported directly to Outlook for use.

Our Verdict

After testing out the software for a few days, we noted that the software has a neat interface which helps to save a lot of time for navigation instead of having the need to look for all places to perform a specific function. We also noted that the PST file are made readable only so user can use this software at ease of mind knowing that the program itself will not make any changes from its original state. The recovery process is also pretty fast and effective which works as what it promised in comparison to its other alternative software with the same purpose. Another advantage of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is that it support the repairs of PST file even if it is larger than 2GB in size which is impressive.

The downside of it is none other than the price of the software which a single license cost user a whooping $129. However, depending on how you will benefit from the program, it might as well worth every penny of it given it helps to recover your invaluable files such as customer information, project file and so on which seem to be a good investment especially for corporation use.

The standard version (Outlook PST Repair) allow user to recover deleted mail, repairs PST file and also other Outlook componet such as contact, calender and so on. You may also consider a more advance version (PST Bundle pack) which also includes the ability to backup the PST file. For more features and comparison between the PST Repair and PST Bundle pack, kindly head over to this page here.

You can always download the trial version before deciding to go ahead and purchase it. Stellar Data Recovery also offer a 30 days money back guarantee beside its 24-hour customer support service for the user.

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