Why need AOMEI Image Deploy?

If you are a system administrator who manage multiple computers, sometimes you need to deploy all of them simultaneously. Then you need with the help of AOMEI Image Deploy. AOMEI Image Deploy is able to boot multiple computers in the same LAN at the same time. Its work mode is server(master)/client.

About AOMEI Image Deploy

The main function of AOMEI Image Deploy is to boot and deploy your computers from an image file on network. The image file should be a system image or a disk image created by free backup software AOMEI Backupper, yes. It has integrated in advanced edition of AOMEI Backupper, now it has single edition too.

To use AOMEI Image Deploy is very easy, install it on a master computer, create Win PE and click Next. There are build-in wizards. Follow them step by step to finish deploy process to batch client computers within same LAN.

Server installed AOMEI Image Deploy will display clients IP address and restoring status in list. The process of restoring is displayed in percentage. Master will receive the prompt whether restore is successful or not, and it can manage all clients in remote. AOMEI Image Deploy has another advantage is can auto distribute different computer name and IP address for client computers that finish deployment, and makes sure they can be connected to network normally after entering OS. In fact, you can preinstall remote control software in the system image. When client computers are online, you can take subsequent operation to client computers in remote.


AOMEI Image Deploy software provide fast deploy system image to multiple computers and clone multiple computers over network. This is a great solution of admins in companies and labs. With the tool, System masters don’t need to handle one by one. If you think this tool is good for you, please have a try.

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