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Using DVD to play video and music is not a kind of fashion nowadays because of the complicated operations, like importing DVD or CD to the DVD-CD room, turning on the CD/DVD player, selecting the songs you want to play and exporting DVD or CD from the DVD-CD room. These inconvenient experience of playing DVD is not accord with the present digital life. “Is it possible that I can just import DVD/CD for once that I can Enjoy DVD in anywhere at any time?” In order to get rid of such an unhandy DVD enjoyment, TuneFab breaks its neck for fixing this problem as well as developing the key product with the aim of ripping and converting DVD for enjoying DVD at ease. Thus, TuneFab DVD Ripper has been created.

To manage to play DVD faster and easier, TuneFab DVD Ripper, the DVD Copy Protection Removal , is aimed at converting DVD to MP4 as well as different kinds of file formats. Unlike the common DVD to MP4 converter, TuneFab DVD Ripper can not only rip DVD to MP4 but also allow you to edit your DVD, like rotating video, clipping video, adding watermarks, adding 3D effects and making Crop Area Size.

Main Features of TuneFab DVD Ripper:

1) A mass of converted file formats for you to choose, like MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLAC, WAV, and etc.

2) Fast conversion speed for the whole ripping tasks, reach up to 6X.

3) Quick and easy to edit the video without any second delay.

4) Different editing functions to select, such as clipping video, rotating video, adding 3D effects, cropping video and adding watermarks.

5) Keep audio tracks and subtitles. With TuneFab DVD Ripper, you can free away from the frame loss for it is provided with the original audio and subtitles.

6) Batches ripping tasks are allowed to take with TuneFab DVD Ripper.

7) Screenshot are allowed to preview the video sources and target files.

With such multifunctional DVD Ripper, you may be curious about how it works on ripping DVD to MP4 and therefore, the following how-to guide for you to using this DVD copy protection remover in converting DVD to MP4.

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab DVD Ripper

2 ways to get TuneFab DVD Ripper downloaded, first to visit tunefab.com website and the other is to click the Free Download button which corresponds to your computer version. When downloading is over, click the exe file or the dmg file to get the TuneFab DVD Ripper installed on your Computer.

Download for Window // Mac

Step 2. Launch TuneFab DVD Ripper and Load Disc

After launching TuneFab DVD Ripper, click on Load Disc button to get your DVD prepared. There are 3 ways to load your disc from the pull-down lists, load DVD disc, load DVD folder and Load IFO files

Step 3. Set the Parameter of Output File

After loading your DVD files, 2 ways to set the parameter for the output files, first is to click on the Settings button and the other is just click on the Profile column. But here I suggest clicking on the Settings button for the detailed setting are allowed to select in it.

Step 4. Change the Files Location

Click on the fourth top right button, a Preference interface will pop up. Here you are allowed to choose the location of the files via clicking on General > Output Folder > Browse to make it.

Step 5. Edit Your Video (Option)

On the main interface of TuneFab DVD Ripper, there are 3 buttons available for editing the video, Clip, 3D and Edit. Click on Clip, you can clip the video into your favorite parts; click on 3D, you can add the 3D effect that you are fond of; Click on Edit, there are Rotate, Crop, Watermark, Effect and 3D included for you to edit your video.

Step 6. Click on Convert to Get Your Converted Videos

After setting all the parameters for your video is done, you can take the key step by clicking on Convert to get your ripping video. When it is over, you can enjoy the video from DVD without any limitation.

Is it attractive for you to have such incredible DVD and video experience? If yes, try TuneFab DVD Ripper and convert DVD to MP4 for enjoying without any limitation at ease. Besides, if you have the problem and want more tips for TuneFab DVD Ripper, go and visit tunefab.com websites or contact the support team of TuneFab.

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