VR was a fresh idea before, but now it is a much more maturer technology. VR games become very popular in 2016. More and more people have experienced VR games. Oculus, a well-known tech company. It developed many VR apps and games. Oculus Rift is similar to Windows program suits, but there was not a professional software to backup and restore Oculus games until vrBackupper released by AOMEI.

When talking about AOMEI, we know it is a famous backup software company, their products AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI OneKey Recovery are used by thousands of people. Both vrBackupper and AOMEI Backupper are contain the word - Backupper, obviously, they are in one  family.

Overview of vrBackupper

vrBackupper as a new product of AOMEI, it has two highlights: A freeware, the first Oculus Rift backup software. It has two functions mainly:

1. Transfer Oculus installation directory from one drive to another
2. Backup Oculus, then restore it to local or other computers

How to use vrBackupper

Download from AOMEI official website, install and run. It only supports Windows 10 64bit. Main interface as following screenshot shows. Under Migration Oculus Installation panel, source location is default, select a new location and then start to move oculus to another drive.

Switch to Backup Restore Oculus panel. You have two ways to create Oculus backup tasks. Backup the whole Oculus installation directory or games and apps only. Select a way and the destination location then start to backup.

Advantages of vrBackupper & Oculus Mover

Migrate Oculus installation directory via vrBackupper to external drive is possible, you just need to keep the drive letter unchanged every time when using Oculus. This feature will help you save many space from original location. AOMEI’s universal restore tech enables to restore data to another computer without re-downloading. This feature helps us save time as we know downloading games in Oculus is really slow. With the release of Oculus Mover, you are able to move Oculus games or applications from one drive to another, instead of typing in mklink commands on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit).


vrBackupper and Oculus Mover are necessary for Oculus users. It protects our data and makes we use Oculus much more easier. VR games makes our life interesting, vrBackupper & Oculus Mover makes our games safe.

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